Tracking Online Shipments In Real-Time

Tired of tracking down your shipment, making call after call trying to pinpoint a driver’s location or an estimated time of delivery? Are your customers frustrated with delayed deliveries or wishy-washy answers? We get it, not only are these scenarios aggravating, they can ruin your reputation.


Tracking, Visibility, and Transparency

Supply chain visibility has never been more important. The technology is excellent and the Amazon Effect has changed customer expectations. In a recent article in Transport Topics, Dan Cicerchi, of Descartes MacroPoint, explains that while 71% of shippers use carriers’ tools or outside software for visibility information, only 6% of shippers have real-time visibility.

Cicerchi makes a great case for tracking and visibility to be a top concern for the transportation industry, citing the financial consequences of late shipments and the demand for complete shipment visibility by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. In other words, customers believe real-time visibility and delivery updates are imperative to a streamlined supply chain, and if they are looking for a logistics partner, tracking and visibility are going to figure into their decision.


Here at Allentown Warehousing, we agree. It’s no secret that major players like Amazon and Wal-Mart pay their suppliers, or not, according to on-time deliveries, issuing heavy penalties on suppliers who do not comply with their strict time-frames. And in a transportation landscape where predictive data and tracking solutions are ever-more available, this is likely to become the norm.

Furthermore, home-delivery of hard-to-handle freight requires scheduling and coordination between the homeowner and the final mile carrier. Keeping the customer satisfied means having a particular time frame for the truck’s arrival.

Brokers and 3PLs are at the forefront of the tracking and visibility craze with the ability to implement and utilize the best tracking technologies, but many do not have 100% visibility, and we think that’s a mistake.


Tracking, the Allentown Warehousing Way

We believe it’s our job to keep our shippers, consignees, and customers up to date on shipment status from pick up to delivery. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art technology and a high-touch model to monitor your shipments with real-time and online tracking capabilities. The parent company to Allentown Warehousing, Blue Eagle Logistics website allows customers easy access to shipment tracking by simply entering the House Airway Bill Number (HAWB) into our intuitive system. Our customers using this system have real-time shipment visibility, and that’s important to us!


We know that customers today demand and expect real-time information on the status of their shipments from pick up to delivery. And that’s what we provide–every day.

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